Hi, today I will tell you how I made my custom SMP and modpack for me and my friends to play on Minecraft.
This journey began wayyyyy long ago but I want to tell you about the stuff that started at June 2021.

The day school was finito, me and my friend were playing the new Caves & Cliffs Update Part I on our server that I hosted on my own home network, but with Hamachi (basically I was making a direct tunnel between my and my friends’ computers.) because I didn’t want to open ports. I liked the update, and I waited for a second… I wanted more people to join. I thought… Dream SMP (Survival Multiplayer)…. SMP…. We are friends…. FriendsSMP… Now make it Turkish… KankaSMP! I immediantelly made a Discord Server. Invited my friends. (That are totally not 3 people. I have many friends… And that is not a lie.)

I decided that I wanted to use Forge (mods API, whcih requires .jar files and more power on the computer, can make new items. ) And not PaperMC (No client additional software, no new items.) . But there was one singular problem.
My computer needed to run a heavy server also a heavy client, plus Discord and Hamachi. I needed something else… I tried aternos but since January, their ad revenue was cut, that meant 220 hour queue rather than a 2 minute queue. I searched again, free minecraft hosting, and I noticed a different site, PloudOS.com, I signed up, created a new server. Forge 1.16.5 36.1.2…
And suprisingly, 25 people queue (at max), the server was up in 5 mins. Avg. ping was 40ms (which is great). I installed mods, Create, SecurityCraft. But the other day when I tried to install the same mods on my friend…. She was not it for some reason. We instead played 1.1.7 but I remembered the TLMods icon on TLauncher (Just for the record I have a Mojang Account, I just use TLauncher.)I made a client for TLauncher I added the mods, connected it. I added the server and configured the client for my friends. All they needed to do was download the .zip and extract it into a folder in /users/xxxxx/.appdata/.minecraft/versions .Then they were up and running. But I wondered if I can customize the client. So I decided to extract the minecraft.jar file and dive into it. I changed the splash text to something about our class. Or a meme that we all know. I created my resourcepack, the name was KankaPack. I added it to the client as a resourcepack and I said… It’s done. I .zipped the client, uploaded it to the cloud, and sent a link. That way the hassle was gone. And approx. 30 mins, (this was measured on 10 year old children btw) my friends were up and running. And now, we could play with no issues. PS: We all got 40- 90 fps on not gaming 6-9 year old machines. So you don’t need a computer with an R9 390 or something. I tried to simply tell you how I did this. Thanks for reading.

By Nix