Hi, today I want to tell you about Gurkan Genc. He is a Turkish traveller touring around the world on his bicycle since September 2012.

He has a book series called The Man With The Iron Horse. The book is about a bike mechanic and 6 kids preparing a bike for The Man With The Iron Horse on New Year as a suprise. Also the books comes with 2 nice post cards signed with good wishes by him. I heard the book will come out in English and Spanish in these days too. I am waiting for them very excitedly. If I can find one I want to read it too. I want to read more books from Gurkan Genc too.

He has a blog and you can contact him from the contact page there too.

He has projects like Gurkan Genc Foreign Language Education Scholarship, Young Explorers Scholarship Project.
And he does interviews with schools from time to time. He also has a podcast called “Şen Gençler”

This was a photo of the book with my Tern Link A7 2020 in Maltepe Beach Parks where I ride my Salcano NG 650 24″ for 30 km approx. 4 hrs every week two days. (Also don’t forget I am only 10 years old)

I bought the book I told you from Istanbul Kitapcisi (Link Here)

By Nix